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The Holy Mountain Discussion

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This thread is for discussion and analysis of Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain. 


This is some cool trivia that I left out of the video itself.

"But before we examine what exactly makes it such an amazing work of art we need to understand how it came to be made and the fate of its limited distribution. In 1970, El Topo was released, a surreal acid western film with nods to eastern mysticism and religious symbolism. Written, directed, and starring Jodorowsky himself. This film garnered a cult following and actually brought the midnight movie movement into popularity and was shown at the Elgin Theater in new york city for an entire year and mostly with sold out shows. Many movie goers would come back over and over again to watch El Topo, one of those fans turned out to be John Lennon who claimed to have watched the film three times. John and Yoko urged the manager of The Beatles Allen Klein to purchase the rights for El Topo and to give Jodorowsky 1million dollars to make his next film. Through the work of Klein and his film and record company ABCKO he was able to distribute El Topo across America growing the cult following of Jodorowsky. That next film that was financed at the behest of Lennon was The Holy Mountain. An interesting piece of trivia about this film is George Harrison was actually supposed to be the lead actor in The Holy Mountain, the role of the thief, but he refused because of a scene where Jodorowsky cleans the butthole of the thief and Harrison was not willing to perform that and Jodorowsky was not willing to waver from his artistic vision of the film. Later there was a fallout between Jodorowsky and Klein so he withheld the rights of distribution for the film out of spite forcing The Holy Mountain into the depths of the underground in the following years. Only to survive by bootleg copies and art house movie theatres continuing to play the film for almost 4 decades. It was not until 2007 that it received a rerelease to the public on DVD. Despite the lack of exposure for the film it has had an enormous impact on pop culture and some of the most prominent artists. Including references in the Revenant, Watchmen and even Rick and Morty. Marilyn Manson is a huge fan with a music video referencing the opening scene of the film and even had Jodorowsky marry him to his wife in 2005 in Ireland while dressed in this alchemy costume. Kanye West is also a huge fan and even met with jodorowsky and wanted to collaborate on a film and used some of the holy mountain imagery in the yeezus tour. Another notable superfan is Eric Andre, he has referenced the holy mountain before on his adult swim sketch comedy show. The hypnotic and surreal journey that is The Holy Mountain has garnered Jodorowsky a following of devoted members from many walks of life."

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